Military Report: Avalanche Rescue

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - What seemed like a normal mission for Specialist Rose Stromberg and her team, turned in to a day of rescue.
In tonight's 'Military Report' we meet this courageous young woman.

Rose >> "It was pretty devastating, just to witness what had taken place and the people that were involved."

It's not something that you see every day.

Rose >> "It was a group of us that were riding that day and we happened upon an avalanche."

Specialist Rose Stromberg and her team were testing snow conditions on Courage Mountain near Paxson when they came across two people stuck in the snow.
They were only able to save one of the victims.

Spc. Rose Stromberg; Black Hawk Maintenance >> "The person that I told was just a sergeant that thought it worthy to be rewarded of what me and my crew had done that day."

Earlier this month, Stromberg was honored for her courageous act.

Rose >> "The medal is called the 'Soldier's Medal'. It's the highest peace time award that you can receive."

She's most grateful for her leadership.

Rose >> "And I know that they continue to push for this award to be received and for me to have it. I'm just extremely grateful for my leadership to see that and to want to have that for me."

This is Julia Laude reporting.