Men arrested after pulling gun at Fairbanks McDonalds

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska Two men have been arrested in connection with an attempted robbery at the Airport Road McDonalds.

According to charging documents, Kevin Robinson and Robert Rones allegedly went into the Airport Road McDonalds, asked to speak to a manager, racked the slide of their pistol and then left the building. According to one of the employees, they never asked for money.

Rones was found running away shortly after running down the road, he claims Robinson asked him if he wanted to make some money and then went into McDonalds and pulled out a gun. He said that they can ask the employees and they will confirm he tried to stop Robinson.

Robinson was found later and claims that the Robbery was Rones idea. He also said that Rones gave him the gun.

Police found the gun in Robinson's backpack and security footage showed that he was the one who pulled the gun.

Both men have been charged with attempted first degree robbery.