Meet Gubernatorial Candidates Gerald Heikes and Merica Hlatcu

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The primary election is just 12 days away, so in an effort to help you become more informed, we spoke to two more gubernatorial candidates. Gerald Heikes and Merica Hlatcu are Republican Candidates running for Governor who we visited with at the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Political Forum on Tuesday.
Heikes introduces himself as a Christian Republican Conservative Candidate, who believes in small government, quality education, and development of natural resources. Hlatcu is an engineer who says he's running to protect the lower-middle class, and is focused on prospering the economy. Both candidates told us about their plans to develop resources in Alaska.
"My Alaska Republic oil and gas cooperative would essentially bring down oil, gas, and diesel at the pumps, to around $1-$1.10 a gallon in the more heavily populated areas, and then like the bush communities, probably see $2 gas, $2 diesel, so that they can have a better economic stance in their communities like you would have. It requires building three refineries, one in Fairbanks, one in Glenallen, one down south in the Kenai district along with a 50 megawatt electric power plant attached to it, because the excessive burn-off will run the electricity, basically you dump it in the lines for free, so your electrical costs will come down too, so transportation costs and the cost of heating your home at a weird time will come down," said Heikes.
"[I want to] Build infrastructure in Alaska, we have a lot of resources, natural resources, and I want to, everybody from Alaska I want, over 20 years, to change drivers license, go to gas station and you pay only $2 gallon gas, because to support our family and business, this road is so long to drive to another city, from towns to Anchorage, or another city, the gas is too expensive. We have the oil and we have high tax for the oil, and I want to reduce, I want to enlarge whole refinery, and I want to build here in Alaska, refinery LNG," said Hlatcu.
Heikes and Hlatcu will face the five other Republican candidates in the primary election on August 21st.