Mayoral Candidate Jim Matherly: why he is running for reelection

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Jim Matherly is the incumbent for Fairbanks City Mayor. Before being elected Mayor in 2016, Matherly served on the Fairbanks City Council. Now, he is vying for a second term.

"I'm running for reelection for the reason a lot of folks run for reelection for their offices; they enjoy the work and continue the works and the projects that they put into place," said Matherly Matherly said one of his main concerns is city's 2020 fiscal budget. "In light of the governor's recent cuts to cities with revenue sharing, we're going to get hit next year in 2020,” said Matherly. “The council has a full plate ahead of them. I'm going to work with them to find the best ways to save the city money, without having to cut much in the way of people and services." As part of his plans to improve public safety, Matherly said he wants to rebuild the relationship between the police department and the school system.

"I want to get back into policing in the schools, having our police officers, our firefighters going into the schools to talk about safety. We simply haven't had enough officers and staff to do that. We'd like to do that again. I've been working very close with our new chief of police, Chief Reeder, and she shares that vision too with me,” said Matherly.

According to Matherly, he should be reelected because, “I've been a servant my entire adult life. Being born and raised in Fairbanks I was around politics at a young age; served my school, my community, and many different nonprofits. I work hard for the citizens that live here, but that also includes people who come and visit. When they come to visit our city it's my responsibility to make sure we have a clean safe city that's well run. I think I have proven that I can do that, and I'd like to ask for your support again." Matherly said no matter who people support, his main message is to just get out and vote.

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