Marijuana growers and amount of taxes they pay increased to new highs in August

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - State officials report that the number of marijuana growers in Alaska, and the amount of taxes they pay, both increased to new highs in August.
Figures released this week by the state Department of Revenue show total marijuana taxes paid by cultivators in August was $694 thousand dollars - the highest monthly total since commercial licenses started being issued late last year.
There were 10 more growers on the tax rolls in August compared to July, and the Fairbanks area had the most, with 14 total.
Anchorage had nine growers paying taxes in August.
In total, just over $3 million dollars in marijuana taxes have been paid by growers since October 2016.
Half of the tax revenue from the plant goes to the state's general fund, and the other half goes toward helping reduce repeat criminal offenders.