Man charged with robbing Beaver Sports pleads guilty

FAIRBANKS, Alaskas (KTVF) A man charged with stealing a $500 jacket from Beaver Sports and threatening to stab an employee who confronted him pled guilty to second degree robbery in court Thursday Morning.

Sterling Thomas, 24, pled guilty to second degree robbery Thursday (John Dougherty/KTVF)

Sterling Thomas, 24, of Fairbanks was charged with first degree robbery, third degree theft, third degree assault and resisting arrest in the December, 2017 incident.

According to charging documents, a Beaver Sports employee reported that Thomas stole a Fjällräven jacket. When employees confronted Thomas, he told them that he would “shank them.” Thomas left the property with the jacket and Alaska State Troopers located him walking down the road. They confronted him and eventually arrested him. He was accused of spitting at troopers, who found a knife on him after searching him.

Thomas’ plea deal dropped all of the charges except for the robbery 1 charge which was amended down to robbery 2. As part of the deal the prosecution also dismissed charges from three other lesser cases. Thomas was sentenced to serve 30 months with an additional 42 months suspended for a total sentence of six years. Because of previous time served, Thomas had already met his mandatory parole and was released after the hearing.

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