Fairbanks man arrested for shooting outside the Spur Bar

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) CORRECTION: The vehicle registered to Brandon Bennett was not found in the Spur parking lot. It was found in the Co-op Market parking lot.

(Ramzi Abou Ghalioum/KTVF)

A Fairbanks man was arrested after he allegedly began firing a weapon outside of the Spur Bar early Sunday morning. Police received a call saying that a black male had fired seven to eight shots and pointed a gun at the caller before he took off running.

According to charging documents, police talked to the manager of the bar who said he hadn’t heard any shots but that someone matching the description of the man had left in a cab.

Police found the suspect, identified as Brandon Bennett, 31, knocking on the door of Tony’s Sports Bar. While officers where arresting Bennett, dispatch advised officers that they received a call from a cab driver saying that she had just dropped off the defendant and that he had brandished a gun in her car.

Police also located a vehicle registered to Bennett in the parking lot of the Spur with two bullet holes in the door. They also located bullet impacts in the direction of a strip mall nearby.

Officers searched a backpack belonging to Bennett and found a .380 handgun inside. Bennett claimed that he had been jumped inside the Spur. He stated that he then walked to his vehicle and two men jumped him and that he feared for his life and thought he would be killed. The charging document says, “When asked what happened next the defendant would not give any further information and denied ever having or using a gun.”

Bennett was charged with weapons misconduct in the second degree for firing the weapon, assault in the third degree and weapons misconduct in the fourth degree for possession while intoxicated.

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