Maintenance on Mary Siah Recreation Center Delayed Until Budget Decision

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The borough is currently debating over its budget, trying to decide where to put its money for next year.
The Mary Siah rec center has been one of the big topics of discussion surrounding the budget.
'They better not come near here with any equipment, there's a lot of mad people," said Brad Baker, a Fairbanks resident utilizing the center's services.
He's mad because the future of the Mary Siah rec center is still unknown.
The sauna, one of the reasons why people go to Mary Siah is broken and unfortunately for brad, officials say it won't be fixed until the fate of the building is decided by the borough assembly.
At Thursday night's meeting, the public came out to discuss the borough's budget.
"I wish we had more resources, I wish the state was sending us the money they used to, I wish a lot of things, but the reality is we have to produce a budget that has hard numbers and these are hard numbers and frustrating for me," said Borough Mayor Karl Kassel.
At this point, the assembly is trying to decide whether to demolish the rec center – or find the money to make improvements and keep it open.
And while the borough debates the buildings future, hundreds of people like brad – who go to Mary Siah daily, do not want to see it go.
The borough assembly listened to the public last night and will now wait until next week's meeting, to discuss their options and conduct a vote.