MILITARY REPORT: High-tech gym reminders

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 'Morale, Welfare and Recreation network' at Fort Wainwright has launched a new texting notification service for its events and classes.
Let's join Julia Laude for this week's 'Military Report' as she punches her way through Cardio Kickboxing.
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: From fitness, to other family friendly events.
Jasmine Henry; PFC Facility Manager>>: "206-929-4040"
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: The Morale, Welfare and Recreation network at Fort Wainwright has a new texting service.
Debbie Pierce; Cardio Kickboxing Instructor>>: "Oh it's great."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: Similar to emergency alerts sent by first responders,
Jasmine Henry; PFC Facility Manager>>: "It's mostly used for those last minute, updates when an instructor can't come because they're sick, just to let everybody know that that class has been canceled or rescheduled for a different date or if a big event does get rained out or something like that we can go ahead and send that out so all of our patrons are up to date and know what's going on for those last second cancellations."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: It reduces inconvenience when signing up for an event.
Debbie Pierce; Cardio Kickboxing Instructor>>: "If anything happens it's always good to be able to get notification in time. There's nothing worse than leaving your home and arriving for class and something has come up unfortunately and just the general information alone is really good."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: "This cardio kickboxing class is only one of the many fitness classes MWR offers and with the new texting system, it's all in the palm of your hand."
But if fitness isn't your thing, you can also be updated on BOSS events, ski trips and youth activities.
This is Julia Laude reporting.