MILITARY REPORT: Finding jobs for veterans

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - After enlistment, many military members struggle to find work.
In this week's 'Military Report' Julia Laude show us what you can do if you are transitioning out of the armed services.
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: AFTER THEIR military service is over, MANY MILITARY MEMBERS STRUGGLE TO find WORK.
Brian Copes; President, CEO, Hoosiers Veterans Assistance Foundation>>: "A veteran comes with a rich array of skills. They`re a member of a team, they`re not afraid of hard work, they can follow instructions, they can give instructions if you need them to."
Gov. Eric Holcomb; (R) Indiana>>: "We got employers that are lining up, saying they want those exact skill sets."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: States like Indiana are taking the lead, creating easy to access websites to get veterans the help they need.
Sites like 'Next Level' connect veterans to training and employers to new employees.
It can also help veterans with a down payment to relocate to Indiana but if you find you'd like to stay in Alaska, there is help right here in the interior.
Troy Robinson is the Site Manager at the United Service Organizations Pathfinder Program.
This program is meant to help service members and their families in transitioning to civilian life, whether that's help in finding a job or educational opportunities.
The USO team under this new program will be following progress of the veteran for 12 months after transition to ensure the family is successful.
Troy Robinson; Pathfinder Site Manager>>: "USO has been a part of the military for over 75 years. Now, we not only get to see them from when they begin when they report in to their military processing stations, we can also carry out and bookend it now with the Pathfinder program to their transition."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: The Alaska Department of Labor will be having a job fair at the end of March with the first hour for Veterans and Employers only.
Fort Wainwright will also be having it's College and Career Readiness Event in March as well.
This is Julia Laude reporting.