MILITARY REPORT: Black History Month sparks 'Wax Museum' at Crawford Elementary School

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With Black History Month set to begin in February, the students at Crawford Elementary School on Eielson Air Force Base have decided to celebrate a little bit early. Students buzzed inside of the Crawford Elementary School gym as they learned about the often overlooked heroes of the past.

Historical figures including Doctor Shirley Jackson and Mae Jemison were just a few to make an appearance. Jules Nudi gave the Mae Jemison presentation.

"My teacher Ms. Rice, she gave us a paper that had a list of names and what they did in life and she, Mae Jemison, was an astronaut and a doctor and she did engineering and a bunch of other things and I thought it was really cool because not a lot of people have so many professions,” she said.

All of the heroes presented had something in common, all were of African American descent who helped shaped the world we know today.

Teacher Andie Rice said getting students engaged is what it’s all about.

"The more the students are engaged in learning, the more they will learn from it, and so I'm passionate about kids being involved with things like this and then being able to share it with others. It just makes it even that much richer," Rice said.

Learning from those who came before us, Rice said this project is something her students may not soon forget.