MILITARY REPORT: Arctic Warrior Games

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fort Wainwright held its own version of the Olympics last week with the Arctic Warrior Games.
17 teams from Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, Fort Wainwright and one team from Canada, participated in these winter events.
Let's join Julia Laude for the festivities in this week's 'Military Report.'
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: Braving below freezing temperatures, soldiers hooked up their skis for downhill skiing,
Arctic medical treatment exercises and a tent and stove race.
Master Sgt. Brady Smith>>: "The downhill ski was a lot of fun but there was also a biathlon event that I was pretty excited to try out and then there's also skijoring which is, you're getting pulled on skis kind of like water ski style behind a sessv and I was excited to try that out too."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: And while the events were fun to compete in,
1st Lt. Christopher Ransberger; Games Coordinator>>: "I think this is a great event. It really tests all the soldiers arctic mobility, shooting and all of the skills they've been trained on in years leading up to now and throughout their Army career and I think it's a really great opportunity for other units from the lower 48 to participate in if invited and also our Canadian allies, it's an honor to host them here as well."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: A team from the 5-1 Cav Blackhawks was the winner - its members received an Army commendation medal and the top Arctic team trophy.
1st Lt. Michael McKeon; Winning Team>>: "All the guys that competed were from my platoon, bandit troop 5-1 Cav and so it was a really good time. It was really good for unit moral and being able to bring the guys together in a harsh environment and be able to work together as a team. It's an event that teaches not only leaders and individual soldiers' crucial arctic winter tasks that we don't always have the time or put the correct emphases on during the winter time so it's great to actually be able to get these guys out, get them on a pair of skis, fit them in snow shoes and do things that they don't normally get the chance to do because of time restrains so it was really neat being able to focus on it for about a month and a half and get these guys really good at arctic mobility and the mission of the 1-25 Brigade."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: Team 4 from the 1-5 infantry placed second receiving the Army Achievement Medal and Team 3 from 1-24 Infantry received a US Army Alaska challenge coin.
This is Julia Laude reporting.