MILITARY REPORT: A special show-and-tell

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Last week, kindergarten students at Weller Elementary School participated in a special 'show and tell' for Veteran's Day.
For this week's 'Military Report, Julia Laude brought our cameras into the classroom to see what Veteran's Day means to these students.
What seemed like a normal day in Janis Maltos' kindergarten class, had a different meaning last week.
Even the pledge of allegiance was special on this day.
Student>>: "And to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
Janis Maltos; Kindergarten Teacher>>: "I'm married to a veteran. My father is a veteran and his father is a veteran and my uncles. We take a lot for granted so I think it's important for the kids to understand. It's good for vocabulary, the word veteran and to understand that people sacrificed that so that they could live the life that they live."
Pictures of family members and even a few dads...
Kyron Thomas>>: "This is me and my dad when I was a baby and I was in Georgia."
Made it to this special occasion.
Vince Sandoval; CW-3, Army>>: "Vincent wanted me to come. He really likes going to see helicopters. He loves what I do as do I. I just wanted to come and support him."
Vince. Jr.>>: "That's my daddy!"
And for many students in Mrs. Maltos class, it's Veteran's Day year round.
"If there's one thing you would want to say to your dad, what would that be?"
Abby Chase>>: "I love him."
Reporting from Weller Elementary school, this is Julia Laude.