MAN ON THE STREET: Who is your favorite president?

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Monday is President’s day celebrating the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We went to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Wood Center to ask people about their favorite presidents.

Bernard Aoto said his favorite president was Abraham Lincoln. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

Benjamin Fix
"I really enjoy Theodore Roosevelt because, he made the park system. I just love being outside and exploring the natural resources and he just had such a commitment to the environment and just preserving that for future generations which I really appreciate."

Matthew Lopez-Martinez
"Donald Trump because the stock market is rising, everything about it right now is just pumping. I am a stock trader so it's like, easier to make money in it. It's a lot better and everything is doing well.

Jonilee Polanco
"My favorite president has been Obama, because he was hella supportive of gay rights, I am pretty queer myself. He was black so a plus for that. And he just like instituted... he pretty much tried to do everything that he said he would do which is kind of unlikely for a president I've noticed."

Phoenix Williams
"President Taft because he got stuck in a bathtub."

Kevin Patterson
"So my favorite president I would have to say is George Washington he was the first and uh... He had both the soft and the hard skills required for the office and I think he balanced them well."

Phillip Zachgo
“My favorite president is Donald Trump because not only was he a good actor, because he made me laugh in certain movies. And I think he sure knows how to get things done around here.”

Benard Aoto
"My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln because he went against what was popular for something he believed in."

Dante Dillingham
"My favorite president would be Ronald Reagan, mainly for his ideas on economics and the America first policy with his Reaganomics. And his war on drugs at the time was a really good one to try and get drugs off of the street. And that's why I just like him. And, he had a pet monkey at one point."

Averee Reynolds
"My favorite president is George Washington because he started what we got today."

Kayden Christensen
"My favorite president is Donald J. Trump. He is cutting my taxes and he promised as long as he is president our second amendment rights will not be infringed."

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