Love INC program helps Interior families in need

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - 'Love In The Name of Christ,' or 'Love INC', is a collaboration of churches who have started a program for families in need called 'Loving Families'.
The program, which started four weeks ago, can house up to four families at a time for 90 days.
While under the care of Love INC, the families are given meals and boarding, along with financial and individual counseling while they are in transition to sustainable living.
The families are able to stay together, as opposed to being split up based on gender, as that's the case at other shelters in town.
As of Friday, December 1st, Loving Families has provided 1-hundred-85 bed nights, 6-hundred meals, and over 7-hundred volunteer hours.
At a press conference last week, Executive Director, Jason Kempthorne, discussed what the program still needs, while Dawn Myers told us why she and her husband volunteer.

Jason Kempthorne; Exec. Dir., Love INC >> "The biggest need for our program right now is that we need to make us sustainable. We need the community to rally around the program through financial donations, but also to volunteer. You can come in, stay the night at one of the churches. You can come in and provide a meal, get to know the families and help them move on and into permanent housing."

Dawn Myers; Volunteer >> "To be able to love on these families that are feeling that same stress that we felt was very personal for my husband and I, and so when this program came about we just jumped on board and said, we're there, whatever you need, whatever, because we've been there, and we know first hand the struggles that these families are going through."

For more information, or to volunteer for the Loving Families program, go to 'love inc Fairbanks O-R-G'.