Long-time local entertainer reflects on the Blue Loon fire

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It was not uncommon to visit the Blue Loon for a political discussion, listen to a lecture, or participate at a fundraiser. But the Loon's function as a local entertainment hub is its real claim to fame. Jerry Evans has worked and performed at the Loon for over 25 years. He says that losing such a well-known establishment is difficult to grasp. Evans had scheduled two sold out shows for this weekend at the Loon, and says that many people are coming together to keep the show going at a different location.

"It was really hard to put my emotions for what’s going on at the Loon, right now, and all the stuff that my friends are going through that are involved with the Loon. There is a comedian coming up, TJ Miller, this weekend, and it is kind of one of those 'show must go on things." I think people realize that, so a lot of people really stepped up and helped to make the transition where we were going to do two shows on Saturday night at the Blue Loon, to doing one show at the Pioneer park theater. It fits all the people from both shows with just a little bit of wiggle room. And everybody’s helped. Mayor Jim Matherly has stepped up because there’s a lot of things, a lot of red tape you have to go through and 24 hours isn’t a lot of time to do that,” said Evans.

He also described how the Blue Loon was a Fairbanks icon.

“I was trying to describe to somebody what the Blue Loon meant to Fairbanks, and what the Fillmore East is to New York, what the Whiskey A-Go-Go is to LA, Bill Graham's place in san Francisco, that's what the Loon was in Fairbanks," Evans said.

Although Evans understands that the show must go on, he said that he will make time to mourn the loss of the burned building he performed at for so many years.

“Well, as soon as I found out the fire had consumed the Loon, and I found out everyone was ok, the next thing I had to think about was there’s somebody flying into town to perform for Fairbanks and a lot of people in Fairbanks, especially for TJ Miller, were really excited. I had to put my sympathy and my grieving behind me and concentrate on getting the show rescheduled. So I think once the show is over I will have time to think about it and I’ll go out and sit in the parking lot and mentally go down memory lane,” said Evans.

Evans says, despite the change in venue, the event will be catered and there will be adult beverages available. More information about this weekend’s show can be found on the Alaska Comedy Facebook page.