Local woman celebrates life at Heart Walk after heart surgery

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For Dessa Dimbat the Heart Walk is a celebration of life, her life. She walked with hundreds of other people today on a mission to help fight heart disease and stroke. Dessa Dimbat is a survivor. She's been coming to the walk every year after having heart surgery. "I want to help raise funds to improve the possibilities of better care," said Dimbat.
To her, better care starts with prevention. "Where people would become more aware of what they need to do and not do so they don't have heart problems," Dimbat said.
Exercise is on the top of her list of ways to keep a healthy heart. "And I do a Jane Fonda advanced workout, which is ancient record, four days a week," said Dimbat.
She also works out at the hospital a couple times a week. "Well Dessa is probably one of our oldest patients and she's just a ray of sunshine. She just comes in and she exercises and she really puts a lot of people to shame," Dimbat said.
The Heart Walk wants to help people build healthier lives like Dessa has. They started off with a warm up, and then survivors and those walking in memory of loved ones released balloons. After that they walked around downtown not only 'raising funds, but raising heartbeats.' All on a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle while supporting survivors.
You can donate at any time to the American Heart Association by visiting their website.