Local painter goes to ends of the Earth for her art

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fairbanks artist, Deb Horner, hosted her Antarctic work titled "Art from the End of the Earth" at the Hoarfrost Distilling last Friday.
Horner, along with one hundred twenty eight other people, boarded a Russian research vessel off the coast of Argentina on October 18th of last year.
She spent a total of 19 days at sea visiting the Falklands, South Georgia Island, and the Antarctic Peninsula.
While there, she sketched and took photographs of the scenery she saw before she painted artwork based on her travels.
Horner took a moment to tell us what made her trip worthwhile.
Deb Horner; Local Artist>>: "Between reading about Antarctica exploration, particularly the Shackleton voyage which was pretty incredible and just liking Polar Regions all my life. When I went on this trip I had a very specific goal of taking lots of photos, doing some sketching when time permitted, and then creating paintings when I came back. And it was just fortuitous that I happened to connect with the folks here at Hoarfrost to do the exhibit."