Local marijuana business up in smoke after state issues first ever 'death penalty'

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - One of the Interior's first retail marijuana outlets is being shut down by the state Alcohol and Marijuana Control office.
The Alaska Marijuana Control Board took the unprecedented step this morning of revoking the license of Frozen Budz over serious violations of state law governing the production and sale of the plant.
According to state officials, Frozen Budz racked up a laundry list of misconduct - including using untracked and untested marijuana, oil, and butter.
The state also said the retailer sold edibles contaminated with mold, some of which had more than three times the allowable limit of THC per serving.
Frozen Budz' commercial marijuana license had been suspended by the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office since the beginning of the month as officials investigated.
The control board's decision to revoke the commercial marijuana license means Frozen Budz can no longer sell marijuana products, or provide them to other businesses.