Local man gets 10 years for a string of 2014 Burglaries

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - An alleged thief that left more than five homes burglarized in 2014 was sentenced to 10 years behind bars yesterday at Fairbanks Superior Court.
38-year-old Levi Retynski originally faced almost 40 charges - including attempted murder, assault, burglary, and theft.
But, the case was finally resolved with him pleading out to only a fraction of the offenses.
Authorities say that during a few weeks in the fall of 2014, Retynski burglarized at least 5 homes around Chena Hot springs Road and Farmers Loop.
After one of the break-ins, Retynski reportedly left the property, later returning when the owners were home.
When they tried to stop him, he pulled out the owner's own gun and attempted to shoot.
But the weapon misfired.
The Alaska State Troopers were able to arrest Retynski shortly after that incident.
At yesterday's sentencing, Retynski's attorney said her client had made an effort to make things right in the last three years by returning some of the items taken from the homes.
However, one of the victims, Dawn Haverty, testified that her life will never be the same.
Dawn Haverty; Burglary Victim>: "This has really torn up my household and my security and it really bothers me that Mr. Retynski will not come forth with telling us where the rest of our stuff is. I am still missing a lot of stuff that I have worked very hard for. My homeowners insurance has doubled since this incident, I drive around in a totaled truck. I am reminded every year, every week, every time I go somewhere, every night when I can't sleep because of this, and I just wish that you would feel some sort of remorse."