Local man arraigned on charges of third and fourth degree assault

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A local man was arraigned in Superior Court today on charges of third and fourth degree assault.
According to court documents, a witness saw Elliot Cruikshank place a 4-year-old boy in a chokehold while at Ballaine Lake last month.
The witness called University Police, who had to coax the scared child out from under the table he was using to hide.
When officers confronted Cruikshank, he refused to cooperate - stating only that he was responsible for the boy.
Law enforcement was eventually able to contact the child's mother, who stated she had been dating Cruikshank and left him to care for her son while she was working.
According to the child, Cruikshank was mad at him when the assault occurred.
The boy also had other cuts and bruises when examined.
Cruikshank's next court date is November 29th.