Local firefighters raise money to fund childhood cancer research

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For 14 years, a local group of "FOOLS" has been helping raise money for St. Baldricks childhood cancer research.
The Farthest North "FOOLS", or 'Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads Society', is a group of local firefighters who were inspired in 2005, to begin their fundraising efforts.
Since 2005, the St. Baldricks foundation has funded 230 million dollars in research grants.
The origin of St. Baldricks can be traced back to New York in the year 2000, when a group of people decided to shave their heads bald on St. Patrick's Day.
Their goal was 17 heads and 17 thousand dollars, which turned into 19 heads and 104 thousand dollars raised.
The local St. Baldricks event will take place on Saturday March 17th at 6 PM in the Pioneer Park Centennial Center.
You can sign up at the St. Baldricks website, or at the event itself.
Event Volunteer, Justin Boddy, talked about how much the FOOLS have raised over the years.
Justin Boddy; Event Volunteer for St. Baldricks>>: "In the 14 years that we have done the event, we have raise 380,000 dollars and we have shaved over 1300 heads here in the Fairbanks area over that 14 years. So this year our goal is 20,000 and that will put us over 400,000 for the Fairbanks area and we are hoping to have another 100 heads shaved at least. We do also participate in another program jointly, where it is the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, and so if you have a minimum of 8 inches to donate, you can do that and that can be donated to that program which will in turn make wigs."