Local entrepreneur roasted at comedy benefit

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Comedians, politicians, and friends gathered to roast Bernie Karl for a good cause.
As part of the 17th annual Funny Fest, 'Alaska Comedy' held a fundraiser for the United Way of the Tanana Valley in the form of a comedy roast.
On Friday night, 160 people gathered to hear Jerry Evans, Glenn Anderson, Bill Satterberg, Bill Bailey, Craig Compeau, and Governor Bill Walker take jabs at each other and, eventually, the guest of honor, Bernie Karl.
The event helped raise over 14 thousand dollars for the United Way, which is roughly 5 thousand more than last year's comedy roast, and 10 thousand more than the inaugural comedy roast in 20-16.
After the panel was done with their friendly and not- so- friendly jokes, Karl took to the podium to speak for himself.
Bernie Karl; Entrepreneur>>: "This guy's driving down. He's got a Lincoln Continental. It is a pink convertible. He's driving and he's got a pig in the passenger seat. And the pig's got its arm up on the window sill. Everybody's stopped and there is a total jam, and so this cop comes up with the old bubble gum machine. He pulls him over and said, "what are you doing? Can't you see...what is that pig doing in the seat?" He said you're screwing up all the traffic. Take that pig to the zoo. The same policeman pulls behind. He said, didn't I tell you to take the pig to the zoo? I did officer and he really liked it. Now he wants to go to the beach!"