Local Filmmakers Mash Disney's Frozen and Star Wars for Award Winning Creation

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) This past weekend saw the first annual Mammoth Film Fest -- a celebration of all Fairbanksans in their creative pursuits - kick off with a fifteen film line-up.

These fifteen films, each unique in presentation and personality, were presented at West Valley to a packed theater of its contributors.

We sat down with the overall winners of the Film Fest, Talia and Doug Lange and talked about what inspired their creation of "Frozen Wars."

JOSIAH: "Thank you guys for joining me today."

TALIA: "Yes, thanks for having us."

JOSIAH: "Of course. Definitely need more community engagement stuff. And I think that was a big part of (the) film fest... We haven't quite had something that engaging for the entire community- sure you have the occasional university film festival but that's mostly open to just students. So when the opportunity came to host a film fest that was just for the entire community... Literally anybody could come in... How did you guys take it?"

TALIA: "It was really cool- a really cool opportunity. We at first weren't planning on doing it, but we still wanted to go and watch it before we even planned for it just to see what our community brought up. It was a crazy idea, because it did start from Disney Plus- from a Disney Plus malfunction of the audio from Frozen and the audio of Clone Wars playing at the same time, but not the visuals were showing. So I was just hearing droids attacking while Anna's singing do you wanna build a snowman and while Elsa's getting coronated and there's just droids attacking. So that was when I told my friend group "this is funny" and we came up with this story, thinking nothing of it but then I mentioned it to my mom and she was like "you know the Mammoth Film Festival's coming up you could make a video".

JOSIAH: "So with a cast as big as yours, how difficult was it to schedule slash even inspire everybody to come together for it?"

TALIA: "Actually we didn't really have to inspire anybody. Everything just fell into place. It wasn't just one of us trying to inspire everybody else. Everybody wanted to do it, everybody wanted to be there."

JOSIAH: "And you guys employed the use of some very stylized lighting and practical lighting suited to your environments. I'm sure you guys would love to talk a little bit more about that. How difficult was it to set that up in your locations?"

DOUG: "What was really important to me was to be able to not have overhead lighting in any room. So I was able to go to the local camera store to buy some LED lights and then I had some other LED lightbulbs just from the hardware store that work well."

JOSIAH: "And are you guys excited for the second annual Mammoth Film Fest? Do you already have something in mind for it?"

TALIA: "We do but of course it will change. It will definitely mold into something different then what we're imagining now."

JOSIAH: "And you have the time- a whole year. Would you use that to your advantage shoot something in the summer, maybe?"

DOUG: "No."

TALIA: "That's the hope but in reality we're probably going to be December, early January."

We also were able to catch up with Tyler Williams, President of Mammoth Marketing, on why this Film fest was so important.

JOSIAH: "And with us we have Tyler Williams, the brilliant mind behind the actual film fest... You reacted poorly is that-"

TYLER: "No, no 'brilliant' that's funny."

JOSIAH: "I really enjoyed this film fest. It was a blast seeing just the community... and as I stated before it was the kind of event that was just really, really open to pretty much everything. If you had a phone in your pocket with a camera on it you could shoot something and submit it. So, what was your mindset regarding that... Did you have any sort of fear as to what would come up?"

TYLER: "Yeah, the only fear was that we would get non-family friendly entries. We wanted this event to be open to youth and school aged children. I wanted to be able to take my own kids to it and they were, they were in the audience. So that was the only fear."

JOSIAH: "Before, it was very much locally based. You were limited to your peers, your family members. Now we're in a world with Youtube. You could put it out there and show it to somebody. Does the film fest incentivize individuals better?"

TYLER: "The experience is different. I've spent time developing sketches and putting them up on Youtube and have comments come in- you're happy about that. But when you're in an audience, in a theater, watching something on a giant screen and the people all around you are laughing when you want them to laugh, gasping when you want them to gasp - it's an incredible feeling. And that I luckily was able to get when I was young starting out in video production and it's soemthing that I really wanted to facilitate for kids who were starting out."

JOSIAH: "What do you plan for next year's?"

TYLER: "Next year we're looking at expanding the idea a little bit more. We'd like a little bit more interaction and audience participation in some ways. We're looking at using things like prompts, really fleshing out award categories... But also now that we have a year down we can start doing the leg work to get people thinking about it now. And spend the entire next year getting ready to film something. So I'm hoping we get even more submissions."

JOSIAH: "Well, thank you Tyler for dropping by."