Listen Connect Help: QPR Trainings

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The suicide prevention training 'QPR'-- which stands for 'Question Persuade Refer' -- highlights the three steps organizers promote to help save lives from suicide.

Future trainers gathered for two days at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where 'master trainers' informed potential new trainers on how to successfully educate community members on how to conduct their own QPR training. Student Organizations Coordinator, Paige LaPoint, says she looks forward to using these new skills to help the students she encounters everyday. "It's been really useful for me with this training to learn how to best serve them and help them, and also learning the importance of my role at the university, [and] being able to connect them with resources that'll be beneficial to help them through whatever they're experiencing, whether it be an immediate crisis or just general hardships," said LaPoint.

QPR Master Trainer, Lisa Latronica, says suicide touches many in our community, so it is important for people to get trained on how to best have conversations that could save lives. "I have never been to a training where there's not multiple folks who have had a friend or a loved one attempt or complete suicide, and that can be really emotional and bring up a lot of feelings… feeling like 'oh I should have known and should have been able to do something’. But the reality is [that] now ,we're looking toward the future and preventing more deaths. Whether I use just a little iota of the training or implement the whole method, I can see myself using this on a very regular basis," said Latronica.

Latronica says the free training is aimed at being accessible for any community members. Trainers around the community can conduct the training at your office or organization in 60-90 minutes. Latronica said it could be for just one person or a large group. "In an ideal world, if everyone in the community is trained, then no matter who that person goes to, or who notices something is wrong, that person has that gateway to getting [the] help that they need. "

There will be a QPR training open to the public on March 19th at the UAF Wood Center conference, room E/F, from 5:30-7 p.m.

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