Legislature fails to override veto

Fairbanks, AK - Today's efforts to override the governor's vetoes failed. In a joint session, 14 Senators and 24 Representatives met to discuss overriding all 182 line item vetoes at one time. Despite 37 delegates voting to overturn the veto, there were not enough legislators present to undo the governor's actions. 37 votes accounts for 61% of the Alaska State Legislature. A super–majority of 45 legislators, or 75% of the collective body, were needed to reverse the veto. The only legislator to vote against the override was North Pole Representative Tammie Wilson.

Roughly 20 delegates are still in Wasilla. Without this group, some of which have refused to travel to Juneau at any point during the Second Special Session, the Legislature will not be able to reach a super-majority.

With the failure to override the vetoes today, the legislature may now choose to look at individual line item vetoes. For any override to take effect, the body will still need a minimum of 45 votes. There are two days left to reverse the vetoes.