Lathrop hosts Dr. Anthony Muhammad in school-year's opening address

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After teachers and support staff passed through the positive picketing line on their way into Lathrop High School's Hering Auditorium, they were welcomed and addressed by speakers for the school district.

Teachers and school district staff filled the auditorium to be inspired about the new policies and changes that they will meet this year.

Superintendent Doctor Karen Gaborik discussed, at length, the benefits of personalized learning, while the keynote speaker of the school year kickoff was nationally renowned public speaker and former principal, Doctor Anthony Muhammad.

Muhammad made the case for changing the culture of teaching from a meritocracy, to a more egalitarian approach of advocating the removal of inequalities among people.

Muhammad ended his speech with his thoughts on how change has to happen in order to have successful students.

"Nothing is off the table. Success for your students can't be an option. That means that some of us have been provocateurs, have been standing in the way of change. Now, we can accept different theories on how we change, but not changing can't be an option. It can't be on the table. We're going to have to change together, because we don't want to be insane. We want to move to the next level. Thanks for having me. God bless you."