Lathrop effort aims to combat runaway youth issues

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A group of students at Lathrop High School joined together today to bring awareness to runaway youth.
This is the first year that students from Lathrop are participating in National Runaway Prevention Month.
Wearing green, these high schoolers showed their support by bringing socks, combs, deodorant and gloves to be donated to the local youth shelter, 'The Door.'
To get more students involved, four teachers were chosen to participate in a school spirit fashion show, with students voting for their favorite with their donated items.
Lunch Café, Fairbanks City Hall as well as other community organizations have partnered with Lathrop to raise donations for 'The Door.'
For Lathrop Librarian Joy Wohlman Boyce and student Harper Kaiser, its all about spreading good will to help those in need.
Joy Wohlman Boyce; Lathrop Senior High Librarian>>: "I found out the numbers of homeless youth that we have here at Lathrop and also in Fairbanks at large. I was astounded by the numbers."
Harper Kaiser; Student Body Vice President>>: "When you come to school, there's so many kids here, you don't talk to everyone so that person you see in the hall that looks a little down or is maybe wearing the same clothes you saw them wear yesterday, you never know what's going on with them or why it's like that. I think it's important that kids have an opportunity to have better lives and not to be stuck in a bad situation."