Large turnout for the 16th Annual Stream Cleanup Day event

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Whether it was COVID boredom or a surge of goodwill in the Interior, there was a large turnout at the 16th annual Stream Cleanup Day event.

Two volunteers, SPC Edwards Sharvis from the 70th Brigade Engineer Battalion and PFC Lubin Zeng from 1-5 Infantry, were part of a larger group of Soldiers and Volunteers from the Better Opportunities for Single Solders and Fort Wainwright Out Door Recreation Programs, that were helping out at the event. (Sarah Hollister/KTVF)

Over 40 Residents gathered together at the Lions Club Park off Danby Road.

Groups used canoes and kayaks to maneuver through the Noyes Slough and parts of the Chena River.

The Environmental Manager of the City of Fairbanks Engineering Department, Andrew Ackerman says keeping the waterways clean is important because it all drains into the ocean.

"We are trying to improve the quality of water for our local streams and water bodies,” Ackerman said. “This event is really focused on the debris that gets in the water -- so garbage... everything from a large metal object like a bike all the way down to cigarette butts."

For anyone who would like to get more involved with the Fairbanks Storm Water Advisory Committee, they meet at 10:30am on the first Thursday of every month at city hall.

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