LARS welcomes baby muskoxen

FAIRBANKS, Alaska Seven baby muskoxen where born at the Large Animal Research Station known as LARS at UAF. The babies join the 29 adult muskoxen.

LARS which has the only captive research heard in the word, uses the animals for scientific research. Many of the people who come to study the animals are international researchers. Scientist do nutrition and reproductive research and have recently been working on testing field equipment before it is used in the wild.

Sarah Barcalow, the animal care technician at LARS says they are looking forward to the Birthday Bash coming up on June 1 for the animals.

She said the event is free and will have activities for kids and adults alike.

"It's a great opportunity to come out and meet our new calves from this year and start off the summer," said Barcalow.

At the Birthday Bash people will be able to submit themes for the animal names this year.

Previous themes have included fruit, facial hair and last year Star Wars related names.