Kodiak Jack's owner speaks out on Army off-limits order

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Leadership at Fort Wainwright has declared that local night club 'Kodiak Jacks', and the attached 'Boomtown Bar and Grill', are off-limits to local active duty soldiers.
Bar owner Rick Mensik says this isn't necessarily a bad thing for KJ's.
Mensik says, in his experience, it was unfortunately a few who ruined it for all.
He says his establishment will be just fine with the restriction on who can come.
Rick Mensik; Kodiak Jack's Bar Owner>>: "Yeah, we'll be fine. I know that the mayor and the police chief are happy. It's not a bad thing for Kodiak Jack's certainly. We've done fine when the military has deployed but depending on how it goes, I'm not at a point where I'm going to engage the commander at this time."