Kids' Santa letters could go unanswered this year

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - What started as an act of volunteerism, could turn into a sad Christmas for children writing to Santa Claus.
The non-profit, 'Santa's Mailbag' normally helps in sorting Santa's letters, during the busy holiday season - but that might not happen this year.
Head Elf, Gabby Gaborik, passed away in August without appointing a member to take over the task.
A few Interior volunteers wanted to help; but because the letters were sent through the postal service, they can't be picked up for Father Christmas or his helpers to respond.
After reaching out to the Board of Directors of Santa's Mailbag, some members didn't even know Gaborik had died and hadn't heard from other members.
The letters and supplies were being stored in North Pole at Forbes Storage, but company representatives declined to comment.
If a director on the board doesn't come forward and take action, this year's letters won't get a reply.