Kid Fest, inside fun when it’s cold outside

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - While it's cold outside, kids have a warm place to play inside the Carlson Center at the first annual Kid Fest, a fundraiser put on by 'Love In the Name of Christ', a local non–profit.

Over twenty–five bounce houses filled the Carlson center for a weekend of inside fun for kids.

Jason Kempthorne, executive director of Love in the Name of Christ, said it was the first time they have held this fundraiser.

"The idea was 'let's have some fun at 40 below in Fairbanks for kids', so we decided to stuff the Carlson center with just a couple bounce houses, as you can see, we have laser tag and mini golf as well, and all the money stays here to help families locally," said Kempthorne.

There are activities for kids of all ages from toddlers to teenagers.

The toddlers even have their own 'toddlertown' in order to play safely.

Some of the fan favorite bounce houses were whack a mole, the Velcro wall, and the 20 foot slide.

"We can do a lot of fun things here and it's the best place ever," said Sabrina and Shanny, Kid Fest Attendees.

Some kids even learned strategies of how to best play games like whack a mole to win – such as incorporating a team effort.

"So what I do is, he starts hitting me on the head, while Karley is right across from me stealing all the balls, so we have a team effort and it's just easy to win," said Emery Scott, Kid Fest Attendee.

One attendee said she hasn't run out of things to do at Kid Fest yet.

"No not yet, because a lot of the things we do can be done over and over again, like the slides, you never get bored of going down and being like 'woooo'," said Karley Thrune, Kid Fest Attendee.

Staying active and warm inside, forgetting about the 40 below weather outside.