'Juju's Journey' and the fundraising trip for childhood cancer research

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For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, one dad is going the distance for his daughter.

Tonight we learn about 'Juju's Journey', and the father raising awareness for childhood cancer research.

Mark Hyde, Juju's Father:
"Travel was something that we loved to do with my daughter Juliet, "Juju" when she was well enough to go out and do things, and explore, get out of the house and not be cooped up, so it's sort of a theme that we had with her."

Visiting all the way from northern California, Father, Mark Hyde travels in honor of his daughter, who was lost to pediatric cancer in March of 2016.

Hyde describes the trip as an Arctic Odyssey to end childhood cancer.

"It was a place far away, seldom traveled to and again it's a bit of a quest if you will. We're going to the end of the earth. I believe it was a wonderful choice because it's been both a wonderful thing to be on and do and experience but there's also this personal and almost spiritual aspect of it as you travel north. I keep seeing things and putting into context of the land and how big everything is, it's wonderful."

Hyde is leading a crew of 10 from September 7th through the 24th, which began at Juju's hometown in the San Francisco Bay area, traveling through Canada and Alaska, ending at the northernmost edge of North America - in Barrow, Alaska.

The group has partnered with the St. Baldrick's Foundation and has set a goal of raising more than $250,000 dollars for pediatric cancer research.

Hyde has spoken with a variety of doctors to learn more about pediatric cancer and how it's studied.

"We want to help people realize this is something that can be improved and if they follow this and learn these things they won't forget that and they'll be able to make a difference when they can. Children who have cancer and don't make it, they lose 71 years of life on average, that's a lot of life. It's so precious and it's something that we want to find a way to make more kids get through that."

Hyde still wants to do all he can for his daughter.

"I don't have the privilege to care for and do things for my daughter any more but I still want to do something. I still want to, I still want to make things better and this is a way and if folks will follow that and take that to heart and listen and share it and pass it along I think we can make a difference."