International Women's Day Celebrated Today, Fairbanks Spotlights Iditarod Veteran

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Around The World Women Are Being Celebrated For Their Achievements, Contributions, And Advocacy For Equality. In Fairbanks One Woman Has Left A Mark Not Only In History, But Has Inspired Other Women To Join The Race.

Tucked Away Down A Road In The Gold Stream Valley, The Howl Of Sled Dogs And The Crunch Of Boots In The Snow Will Lead Right To The Front Door Of Dog Musher Mary Shields.

" I wrote a little poem for spring. It's a very short poem and it says, bewildered by spring fever. Be wilder," she recited.

Shield's Holds Piece Of Alaskan History With Her Being The First Woman To Cross The Finish Line In The An Iconic Dog Sled Race The Iditarod.

"I thought this was a chance to see a thousand miles of Alaska, fairly comfortably, and it was. I got to the finish line, and called John back in Fairbanks and he said the snow was melting back here, I turned around and Mushed half way back because I love it and I didn't want spring to come that quickly, " Shields Shared.

Shield Says All Those Memories She Will Carry With Her Always.

"I've got a quote on my refrigerator now, because I can’t much anymore and it's a quote by Joseph Campbell that says you must be willing to give up the plans we have made so we can live the life that is waiting for us," She said.

She Now Teaches Classes And Opens Her Home For Tours. She Has Also Wrote Several Book And Has A Movie About Her Life On The Trail.

"Alaska has given me so much and women ahead of me have been doing this dug mushing stuff long before i was so. I'm not the first to do this, but I have learned to do this from other people I feel like I have had a privileged life to get to go the places I’ve gone by dog team and see the wonderful country I've seen and get out there," Said Shields

Mary Shields Has Also Ran The Yukon Quest Several Times, And The Hope '91 Race That Started In Nome To Anadyr, Russia Across The Bering Strait.

"Get out and enjoy it. So I'm trying to pass something on that I've enjoyed so much in my life so other people coming along, that they might not do it now, but maybe sometime in the future I've planted a seed and think oh maybe I'll try camping in the winter and see what it's like, and they'll love it I think," Said Shields.

A Woman Of Inspiration, Shields Continues To Share Stories Of The Trail And Of Life. Planting A Seed To Grow For Those To Enjoy For Years To Come.