Interior democrats kick-off campaign headquarters

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Interior Democrats kicked off the election season last night in their new office by welcoming the public to come check out their headquarters, meet the candidates and get involved. Candidates running for House and Senate seats that represent the Interior districts 1 through 6 were at the kick-off event.
"It's really important that we announce where we are so volunteers and the general public have access to our campaigns and the candidates that the interior democrats are running," said Mindy O'Neall, Chair of Interior Democrats.
Their headquarters location for this year is in the Shoppers Forum Mall, in Fairbanks.
"We had a woman who was getting her nails done, because we're right next to a nail salon, and she just popped in and she said that she was an independent voter but was really frustrated with how things are going right now, we were able to answer questions about which district she was in. So it definitely is somewhere where people can walk in, and get those questions answered and connect with a real person, because sometimes when you just get mail and calls, it's hard to remember that there are people running to represent you," said Paige Poston, Fairbanks Field Organizer, for Alyse Galvin.
Seth Whitten, the campaign manager for Kathryn Dodge, says it's nice to share a space with other campaign managers. "When we're all kind of in the same space, we're able to work together and get an idea of what best practices are and give each other suggestions on what's working and what we can improve on," said Whitten.
The location will remain open for the next few months as campaigns continue through the General Election in November.