Interior JROTC Drill Competition tests cadets

FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) Cadets from Junior ROTC programs across the state competed in the Interior JROTC Drill Competition on Saturday.

Cadets during their performance at the Interior JROTC Drill Competition at North Pole High School. (Sara Tewksbury/KTVF)

The competition held at North Pole High School highlights different skills in each category. Nine schools with more than 250 cadets were at the competition, where local military judges scored the drill teams on their precision and performance.

Senior Aerospace Science Instructor Mike Rauenhorst, with the North Pole High School JROTC program, says drill is all about teamwork and discipline.

Cadet Commander Audrey Winterton, of North Pole High, says it is an indescribable feeling as a senior to compete after all of the hard work her team has put into their performance.
"We spend so much time together especially out of school. I would almost say, just endless hours a week, we stay here four hours after school ends and we just put so much time and effort into it. So finally getting to showcase everyone what we work hard for, what we focus on, is just an amazing feeling," said Winterton.

This is the first of four drill competitions of the season, which all lead up to the possibility of heading to nationals.

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