Interior Friendship Day big success for Fairbanks residents

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Members of the community filled the facility to take in the beauty of the different cultures that make up Fairbanks.
There were symphony performances, and dances from around the world - including Samba, Bollywood, Russian, and Chinese just to name a few.
There were also some song performances by both soloists and groups that added just the right touch to the experience.
In addition to the performances, there was also a selection of international foods for the community to enjoy.
Fairbanks Mayor, Jim Matherly, talked about why International Friendship day is important for the community, and why he is proud to be part of it.

Jim Matherly; Fairbanks city mayor >> "International Friendship Day really is coming together and being a family, it brings every culture that is all around Fairbanks, and gives me a change to connect with people's hearts and cultures. If you don't branch out from where you live, you know if you live in kind of your own lane, if you don't drive into other lanes, you won't experience the richness of what Fairbanks has to offer."