Iditarod officially restarts

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF)- This morning the Iditarod officially started right here in Fairbanks.

In front of thousands of people, Ryan Redington hit the trail first at 11 AM.

After Redington took to the trail, there was a four-minute break before the next musher because Otto Balogh, a rookie from Hungary, was supposed to start in the next spot; he scratched hours before the start of the race. After that, each musher took to the trail in two minute intervals.

Defending champ Dallas Seavey started in the 16th spot.

Four time champ Martin Buser started in 13th.

Jeff King, Allen Moore and Jessie Royer all started in the 30s.

Hugh Neff was the 48th musher to hit the trail.

The first checkpoint the mushers will get to is Nenana, which is about 60 miles from the starting line. After that they will head to Manley Hot Springs.

The mushers must make two mandatory eight-hour stops and one 24 hour stop at some point in the race.