Ice Alaska scrambles to find community support for carving

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In an typical year, local nonprofit Ice Alaska's 'World Ice Art Championship' would be right around the corner.
But the aftermath of a fire at the ice park and a rift with ice carving mainstay Dick Brickley has the organization scrambling to organize an alternate event - and seeking the community's help.
Members of Ice Alaska's board of directors say they're looking to host a youth-focused carving event this year at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds off College Road before trying to bring back the full event in 2019.
But there's a high price tag - $50 thousand dollars - and the organization says it will take extensive community support to make that happen.
Board member, Hank Bartos, says the "go or no go" decision could be made as soon as Wednesday night.
Hank Bartos; Ice Alaska Board Member>>: "When the building burned, we did not have the facilities to properly house visitors, to serve them snack bar and warm-up facilities. We believe the fairgrounds will have present that, and therefore we can have a community event there that will make the entire area proud."