Ice Alaska cancels youth carving event after fundraising falls short

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For the first time in almost three decades, local nonprofit group 'Ice Alaska' won't be hosting a carving event of any kind.
Typically, the group holds its 'World Ice Art Championships' in February and March each year.
But a fire that destroyed the group's headquarters at the George Horner Ice Park, and a rift with business partners Dick and Hoa Brickley left the group without a venue or sponsorship this year.
Ice Alaska's board of directors scrambled to try and raise $50-thousand dollars to put on an alternate youth carving event at the fairgrounds.
But fundraising efforts fell well short of that mark, and at last night's board meeting, the group decided to call off this year's event altogether.
Board members say they'll focus on trying to bring back the Ice Art Championships next year, though that carries an even heftier price tag; they say they'll need to raise about half a million dollars to make the event possible.