House to revote Wednesday on tax reform bill

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In Washington today, the House passed a 1.5 trillion Dollar tax bill that would cut tax rates for corporations, as well as lower individual tax rates.
One provision of the bill would allow drilling in a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
But problems with the bill mean the house will have to hold another vote tomorrow.
Earlier this month, the House and Senate passed a tax reform package.
The tax bill aims to build economic growth and help create more jobs and wealth.
According to Republican sponsors, the corporate tax cuts in the bill would spur more investment .
Included in the package is a provision, authored by US Senator Lisa Murkowski, that would allow 2,000 acres of ANWR to be available for oil and gas drilling.
The House passed a conference committee version of the bill today that reconciled differences with the Senate version, but problems with that bill emerged that will require a re-vote tomorrow before it's sent to the Senate.