Hospital's Telemedicine Program Aims to Help Stroke Victims

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Telemedicine is gaining traction in the medical world, and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital has just launched a new program to help stroke victims.
Earlier this month, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital unveiled its TeleStroke program.
TeleStroke is designed to get stroke victims faster treatment.
The program was in the works for about a year, and is provided by Providence Health.
Because treatment for a stroke is so time sensitive, TeleStroke allows for a more streamlined approach to diagnosis and treatment.
According to R-N Manager, Julie Fry, Telemedicine is has been extremely beneficial in rural areas when it comes to patients who need immediate treatment.

Julie Fry; R-N Manager>>"So we bring the robot into the room and the neurologist comes up on the screen and is able to assess the patient from wherever he may be Oregon, Washington, California."