Homeless conference examines issues in urban, rural Alaska communities

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Professionals from across the state have joined together for the annual homelessness conference, hosted by The Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness.
This conference gives residents a centralized location to learn and share on homelessness issues.
Topics include public policy, youth homelessness, and learning specifically how each community is tackling this problem.
Executive Director for the Alaskan housing Coalition, Brian Wilson, says one of the main issues the conference focuses on is looking at homelessness in rural Alaska.
Brian Wilson; Executive Director, Coalition on Housing and Homelessness>>: "The story that doesn't often get told is what homelessness looks like in rural Alaska. One of our board members always says if everyone in the State took a homeless person into their house, we would have no homeless individuals and if you look at rural areas that's really what's happening because of the cold weather climate and a lot of times the village values that we have on homelessness we're seeing folks bring people into their houses but the infrastructure that we have in the balance estate isn't really set up to accommodate so many individuals in a small space and so one of the challenges we're seeing and trying to solve in events like this is severe overcrowding in rural Alaska."