Holiday festivities kick off in town where it's Christmas year-round

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Part of the Christmas tradition in North Pole is the selection of the annual holiday king and queen.
This year it was Jeff and Brenda Howe.
After the lighting of the tree, the crowd sang a few Christmas carols, and then s'mores.
Mayor Bryce Ward said he was pleased with how the event turned out.

Mayor Bryce Ward; City of North Pole >> "This year was wonderful, not only because of everyone who showed up but also because it's warm outside. Last year was I think 40 below so everyone was like I'm not terribly interested in standing outside for very long. The great thing about singing carols especially with the tree lighting is you know you don't have to necessarily be an expert although our king was this year. But just have a good time with it, have fun."