Holiday Heroes on the Job Throughout Christmas Season

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and some even come without capes.
For many of us, we rely on quite a few people to help make the holiday season go right.
Join Julia Laude as we say Merry Christmas and Thank you to those in our community who make the season great.

Gerrit Butler; Patrol Officer - FPD>>"Just a lot of missing you're family, missing your kids."

Jason Donald; U.S. Postal Mail Carrier>>"Hectic, very hectic."

Sgt. Ron Dupee; Patrol Division, FPD>>"Christmas doesn't necessarily fall on December 25th for us."

These are just a few of the voices we rely on during the holidays.
One of the biggest parts of the holiday season, is sending and receiving gifts.
For Jason Donald, his mail route consists of 800 deliveries per day.
A normal delivery day sees roughly 60 to 80 packages but during the holidays, that jumps up to over 150 packages.
And while it's all a part of the job, Donald says the added smiles make it worth it.

Jason Donald; U.S. Postal Mail Carrier>>"I used to work downtown for probably about 13 years I delivered down there and there's still people I talk to down there so I go and see some of the elderly folks that I delivered to and I still talk to them and I really enjoy that, just delivering to them and giving them a smiling face."

But the fun,

Doesn't stop there.

Every year the North Pole Fire Department decks out a fire truck to provide cheer all over the Christmas city.
This year Fire Captain, Shawn McGilvary will be working on Christmas Eve.

Shawn McGilvary; Fire Captain - North Pole Fire Department>>"Being in the fire department is a bit of an honor. We get entrusted with a substantial amount of property that is owned by the public we take care of it and it's a need of the community that they have someone there to be able to respond, to be able to protect them."

But for many families, it's those with small children that have to work harder to get home.

Sgt. Ron Dupee; Patrol Division, FPD>>"Sometime they don't quite understand why we have to be at work or why we can't do Christmas morning on Christmas morning when the other kids do or Thanksgiving meal at the same time that they can but as they get older they understand and it just become part of life."

And whether it's delivering mail before Christmas morning, showing off the sights and sound of the holidays or adding to the Christmas work potluck, it's a job that many of us are called to do.

Gerrit Butler; Patrol Officer - FPD>>"Everybody needs us at some point. Everybody has bad days and it's our job to go there and try and help people out on their bad days and make sure that hopefully their day gets better and I think that's the best thing that we do. It doesn't change too much because it's Christmas Day, it's just something that we do every day."

And with that I say Thank you too all of the public service members and I wish you all a Merry Christmas.