Health Report: TCC Health Services

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For those traveling long distances to attend the meeting, T-C-C has provided health care information and services.
Tables lined the corridors to the Gold Room banquet hall in the Westmark Hotel, offering information on a wide variety of topics.
The Tanana Chiefs Conference Health Fair had representatives from local dental offices to help children learn the proper way to brush, information on preventing domestic abuse from the Green Dot initiative, as well as how to prevent diabetes, and details about colon cancer screening.
Jenny Patch, from the radiology department of the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center, says that the turnout during the annual meeting has led to several appointments for breast cancer screenings.

Jenny Patch; Radiology, Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center >> "Yesterday we scheduled nine ladies from out of town and we really want to capture that glad to capture that and we give them a little bit of education too and just make sure that they understand what the screening time is, to start when you're 40, it's very important and to always communicate with your provider if they have any issues that they want to bring up because prevention is key to living through breast cancer."