Health Report: Home workouts without equipment

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) We are all looking for ways to stay active while social distancing. Samantha Tolbert, of CrossFit Fairbanks, shows us some full body workouts without the expensive gym equipment.

Lower Body

- 3 sets
- 10 Air Squats
"Try to keep that chest nice and upright."
- 10 Jumping Squats
- 10 Alternating Lunges
"Keep the forward knee behind the toe and always touch your knee to the floor."
- 10 Jumping Lunges
- Rest 2 minutes between sets

Upper Body

- 100 Push Ups (however you can!)
"Elbows in! Instead of going from your knees, we encourage you to go from an elevated surface, everyone has a chair at home."
- When you take a break to 100, complete 10 tuck jumps or 30 jumping jacks


- 20 Seconds of Hallow Body Holds
"Think about pulling your ribcage down into your hips and hold the position as tight as you can."
- 20 Seconds of Supermans
"Pull your chest and feet up off the floor, try to bring your heels together."
- 10 Seconds of Rest
- Alternate workouts for 4 consecutive minutes

Full Body

-10 Burpees
"Try not to resist it down, just drop. Think about replacing your hands with your feet."
- 20 Mountain Climbers
"If you want to make the movement more challenge, bring your foot to your hand."
- 30 Flutter Kicks
"Think about pulling your bell button into the floor, keeping the core tight."
- Repeat as many times as you can for 10 minutes

"If you're just kind of starting out and doing this active thing in your home, cut down the time. Do five minutes, seven minutes, whatever is sufficient for you to get a good workout."

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