Health Report: Body Maintenance for the Midnight Sun Run

FAIRBANKS, Alaska The Midnight Sun Run is a staple physical activity in the Interior. Whether you are participating competitively, or just strolling the course, there are key factors to keep in mind for a less painful day after.

Proper methods of staying loose is crucial.

"Warm up. Not an actual sit and stretch but a warm up where you do the same activity you are going to be doing but at a lesser pace and slower speed.” Dr. Anton Keller, a chiropractor at Spaulding Chiropractor Clinic, said. “Then after the race, that is when you sit down and stretch and hold things for 10, 12, 15 seconds.”

Another component for body maintenance is of course, proper hydration. Dr. Keller suggests hydrating during the days leading up to the race, while taking small sips of water right before and during the run itself.

Any physical activity, especially a 10 kilometer race, will have an impact on your body.

"So there is good and bad. Good as in your bones are actually feeling the impact and getting better bone density. But also, if you're not used to it, your body is going to feel it. In your shins, in your arches. You might feel a little pain but just back off and walk a little bit too.” Keller said.

With appropriate methods of upkeep, participants should be able to avoid medical attention post-race.

"What we can look for is tightness in muscles and usually if patients can stretch themselves it can alleviate the necessity of coming in and getting adjusted or getting other appointments,” Keller said. “Proper hydration, proper stretching and proper preparation, those things go a long way.”

The Midnight Sun Run is set to begin at 10 p.m. Saturday. Registration is available at