Harvesting your own Christmas tree? Check out these tips.

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - During the holiday season, many Alaskans cut down their Christmas trees in the great outdoors.
However, there are specific places and laws regarding where people can harvest their trees.
Alaska residents are allowed to cut down one tree per household on state land, and the maximum height of the tree is 15 feet.
The Department of Natural Resources website contains maps and information showing where you can harvest Christmas trees.
According to the Alaska Division of Forestry public information officer, Tim Mowry, cutting down trees in state parks, private property, or Alaska Native-owned land is prohibited.
Mowry explained how people can best tend their trees once brought inside their homes.
Tim Mowry; Statewide PIO, Alaska Division of Forestry>>: "The main things is to keep them watered and also keep them away from any heat sources like a woodstove or electric heaters or anything like that because if they do dry out they become pretty flammable and could start a fire. So those are the two most important things and you know just be careful when your bringing it in. You know these trees are going to be frozen so there's still a little fragile so just be careful with it. Make sure they're watered, maybe cut a little bit of a piece off the bottom so there's a fresh cut there."
For more information on where to cut down a Christmas tree, and whether it's legal to do so in certain areas, you can call the Alaska Division of Forestry at 451-2600.